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About us

Welcome! It's good to see you! We welcome everyone where they are. If you're looking for a new church and a new church family, we welcome you. Some of us have been have been worshiping here for many, many years. Some of us are newly welcomed into the fold. We all love the Lord, each other and all those we encounter. We reach out to share God's love with others as often as we can and wherever we can.

our leadership:
Rev. Rudolph H. White, Jr. 
Earl Jaques.jpg
Earl Jaques

Chair of Administrative Team

Jamie Tobin

Chair of SPRC

Pastor Rudy close.JPG
Jim Gestwicki.jpg
Jim Stewart

Chair of Trustees

Rev. Rudolph H. White, Jr. 

Chair of Ministry Team

Jim Gestwicki 
jack Harmon.jpg
Jack Harmon

Financial Chairman

Administrative Assistant

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