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Welcome! We extend a special welcome to all ages. Whether you are small or tall, young or just young at heart, we welcome you.


You’re welcome here if you’re “just browsing" and looking for a new church family. You're welcome here if you were raised Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran or anything else. You're welcome here. If you haven't been in church since you were a kid, or, you've never been in a church at all. You are welcome here.


We offer a special welcome to YOU, whatever your situation. In need of prayer? We'll pray with you and for you. Here at St. Georges UMC, we love God and we love people. You are welcome here. Come on in!

our leadership:
Asher Tunik_edited.jpg
Asher Tunik
Earl Jaques.jpg
Jamie & Jeff 1_edited.jpg
Earl Jaques

Chair of Administrative Team 

Jamie Tobin

Chair of SPRC

kim tobin_edited.jpg
Asher Tunik_edited.jpg
Kim Tobin


Asher Tunik

Chair of Ministry Team

seaman ctr 2014.jpg
Jim Gestwicki 
Heidi and Robin Welcome table VBS 2019_edited.jpg
Heidi McEvoy


jack Harmon.jpg
Jack Harmon

Financial Chair

Congregation Volunteers

Administrative Assistant

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