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WElcome ! 

Sunday services:

Our service is traditional. Yes, we sing hymns. We have an organ but we also have a really cool electronic piano that can create beautiful music. Yes, we take up an offering and we sing the doxology. But we also sing a special song for those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries within our church family.  Our services aren't perfect, and neither are we, but we love our God, and each other. We come each week as a community striving to be more loving, and recognize God working among us. 

Every Week-

Sunday School for all ages: 9a - 9:45a

Worship: 10a-11a

Contact us

109 Broad St. 

St. Georges Delaware


What to expect in worship

We have a traditional service which means older hymns and liturgy.  But we love the connection it brings to our traditions and age of the church. 

We are very eclectic in our dress.  Some wear suits, others wear cargo shorts.  Wear whatever you like. 

Worshiping with little ones

We love kids!  All ages of kids. At St. Georges we offer Sunday School before worship at 9am, and monthly fun, God-centered events to engage our youngest members. 

We love our kids in worship too.  The chatter of little ones adds to the feeling of inclusivity in our worship space.  At every worship service, we’ll invite them up for a special message that is on their level, and helps them experience God’s love. 

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