November 2016 Newsletter

Hello St. Georges UMC!

I greet you in the name that is above all names, our King, our Messiah, our God-with-us.  I pray that this newsletter finds you all well, and full of joy.  It’s November, which means that the holidays are upon us.  Later this month, is Thanksgiving. Already.  As I look at my office window and admire the colors in the trees, and open the window to feel the cool north breeze, I am thankful.

It may sound cheesy, and overly romantic, but I am thankful this Thanksgiving for you all.  For those that don’t know already, this is my first appointment in The United Methodist Church.  I am a rookie at this.  And you all have never once made me feel that way.  Your grace when I don’t know what I’m doing.  Your teaching in how administration is done around here.  Your service when I needed help moving, cleaning, or just someone to talk to.  You all have been amazing, and it’s only been 4 months!

I am every thankful for being sent here.  I thank God for you daily, and pray on your behalf for everything that comes across my desk in prayer cards, emails, or phone calls.  Know that I am lifting all of you up by name to our God.  And I encourage you to do the same for each other.  A church exists as a community of faith, we are called to love each other, care for one another and hold each other accountable.  We need each other just as much as we need God.

So be thankful this month St. Georges.  Be thankful for the community that surrounds you, uplifts you, and walks with you.  In everything you do, your God and your church are with you.  God bless and keep you under the wing of peace.

In Him,

Dave Ingalls

Donna Goes Walkabout…..

It is soooo cliché but sooo true…..can it be November already?! Yes, the weather is getting cooler and the ads on TV are already talking Christmas. My relatives in Idaho and my godson in West Virginia have already seen falling snowflakes. We all know how much I appreciate a good snow storm but I promise to hold off my intense wish for the white stuff until closer to Thanksgiving.

Things are rolling right along here at St. Georges UMC.  Many in the congregation enjoyed delicious food and fellowship at Pastor Dave and Megan’s new house after service on Sunday October 23rd.

The newly formed Admin Team and various committees are doing the work of the church and we’ve got a great variety of activities planned for the next couple months. Keep reading for more details on visiting the Port of Wilmington to participate in the Christmas at Sea program, we’ll be enjoying our annual In Gathering meal to celebrate Thanksgiving, Charge Conference is just around the corner, we’ll be Christmas caroling through St. George’s the week before Christmas and our Christmas Eve service will be here before you know it. Whew! What a line up! I sure hope you’ll make the time to join us!

It was decided that if any month has 5 Sundays, those of us who normally worship in the sanctuary will join those in our congregation who worship downstairs in Fellowship Hall. This will come around again in January. Keep watching upcoming newsletters and your weekly bulletin for more activities and programs in the months to come.

In closing, I appreciate your indulgence as I recognize that my Dad would have been 96 on the 28th of this month. Just have to say that I was blessed to have him for my Dad and I miss his laugh and smile, and his big bear hugs. 6 years and we still miss you so much!

I guess that’s all for this month. I’ll see you on Sunday morning.


A Mission Update

Our Sunday School children helped make 35 fleece scarves and wrote notes of encouragement.  It’s such a joy to watch our youth put the hearts and actions to work and help others. Our church family then filled 35 bags with comfort items, the note and scarves.  These were distributed to homeless veterans at the Stand Down in Dover.   Please pray for these men and women as they begin to face the upcoming winter and it’s challenges. We may be a small church but we have big hearts.  Thank you, everyone, that participated.

Carole Jaques, Children’s Ministry


A Message from Carole Jaques


As St. Georges restructures and begins a ministry team, I have joined the Missions part of the team.  I would love to have men and women come and join me as we share ideas on how we can reach out to others and put into action sharing God’s love and His word.

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” Matthew 25:40.



From Our Youth Contributor

Growing up in church since the age of six, I can gladly say that I remember most of my experiences since then. God was almost depicted as this effigy of power and ruling. As a child, you imagine him sitting in this golden throne surrounded by clouds in heaven with Jesus right beside him. The idea of this King ruling over us as a prestigious man of high status. Hearing this as a kid it really gives the perspective of how mighty God is defined, and when I say “defined”, I mean to the best of human description. Teaching children about God’s word is difficult but is crucial to how they will continue to see Him in their developing years in Christianity. Another difference I have discovered among children and adults are adult’s image of God in comparison to a child’s or what is considered true about God’s image. God’s image is not as unrealistic as we have made it out to be. God is almighty, yes, but His heart is very much like us human’s. Recently, in a sermon David gave, I learned this. It is a fact that we are all of God’s children and despite His God like stature and our belittled status as humans, emotions are one thing that do not vary among us. When we are hurt, He weeps with us. He holds his children in weary and cries in our times of sadness. He knows pain. He does not believe in being “too good” for us. He understands and treats us like His children just as

we are.

What I believe to be the most important part of teaching any bible story is the moral, the true theme behind including the story. The hardest part in teaching any bible story is getting the youth to deduce the names mentioned in each story. I have found this important as a young adult now because the difference in perception of God varies as a kid versus as an adult. As an adult, every sermon begins with,”Do you recall the story of John the Baptist?” Throughout Vacation Bible School I noticed that when I asked my group what they learned about the story, they did not memorize the names of the characters but only God’s name and what they did. Their attention was captured by the out of the ordinary events occurring. Some of the names of the time period may be hard to regurgitate even as adults, but it would prove more useful to the upcoming youth to emphasize these names or change the way we present the bible stories.   Overall, I have come to the conclusion that the youth of this church and any church are in fact the future of Christianity and how it is spread to those who are not yet with Christ. Implementing the Word onto them in an accurate and memorable way will be the success of Christianity. “Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.” Psalm 127:3-5.

Torie Seagraves



United Methodist Women


Everyone is invited to attend the annual Thanksgiving In-gathering on Sunday, November 20th after the church service.  The UMW will provide the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and cranberry sauce and we ask you to bring along a side dish or dessert of your choice.

The UMW will be meeting this month on Thursday, November 17 at 7pm in the social hall.  Usually we meet the 2nd Thursday of the month, but due to the Pastor’s Bible Study which meets on Thursday, we will meet a week later.  We will be making plans for our Adopt A Family for this Christmas as well as plans for the UMW/UMM Christmas party.


Friendship Star Quilters


The Friendship Star Quilters will be meeting on the first Tuesday of the month which will be Tuesday, November 1 from 1-4pm.  We have several quilts that need to be tied, so if you don’t sew but would like to learn to tie a quilt, we can certainly use the help.  All our quilts go to area the area hospitals and the Helen Graham Cancer Center.


Administrative Team Message – November, 2016


Greetings Everyone,


The October meeting of the Administrative Team was very well attended and had excellent participation by team members and visitors! Together, we discussed what we accomplished this year and began to plan for 2017.


A highlight of this year has been the reinstatement of the Vacation Bible School, and the new curriculum and development of the Children’s Sunday school ministry. A special thanks to Steve Cline for his leadership in the area of our ministry. Several special activities were held for youth, also with much appreciation for Steve!

A plan to address the need for accessible bathrooms and to improve the basement for use by our Boy Scout troop was developed. The next step will be to gain the various approvals needed before beginning the project.


The four teams: Ministry, Trustees, Staff & Parish Relations, and Finance have been established. Thanks to all who have agreed to serve in these capacities. Following the Charge Conference on December 5; we will be sharing information on the team membership, purpose and priorities.


The next meeting of the Administrative Team is November 28¸7:00 PM at the church. All are welcome!


Blessings to you and your families,


Sandy Tuttle

Administrative Team Leader







Happy Birthday to…


Rob Chambers……………….Nov 1                         Sandy Tuttle…………………Nov 3

Pastor Dave Ingalls………..Nov 5                         Melissa Cavender………..Nov 9

Ed Jamurath………………….Nov 13                       Kelly Jamurath…………….Nov 13

Nancy Schafer……………….Nov 16                      Earl Wilson………………….Nov 19


Pastor Ingalls 4 week Bible study on Baptism continues this month on Thursday Nov 3rd & Nov 10th at 7pm.

Why do we do it? – Dunking? – Sprinkling?

– Only ordained ministers can do it?

Find out!



Youth Ministries Update

November 12th – A big day!

a) Seamans Center 10 am – Come help us prepare to bring Christmas to the men that sail the ships that bring us many of the things we use every day.  We are planning a tour of the docks and we can see how they load and unload these huge ships. Can you imagine a ship that big full of Bananas!

b) Then it’s time for a bonfire and hay rides around 6pm at Steve Clines home.  See Dawn Lowe for refreshments details. Hot dogs over an open fire and s’mores!


December 10th

Epic kids movie night from 6pm to 8:30 pm. Food, fun games and crafts. Will be a great time for Mom and Dad to go Christmas shopping.


Planning ahead—–

Youth Rally   January 6–8 Ocean City. It’s a great time to find God, be in the presence of great speakers and enjoy, fantastic music. Oh yeah, and take the    Polar  Bear  Plunge


Train Day – March  Saturday  4th

Fantastic  layouts of many different size  trains ,  with everything to scale.   Showing how things looked 100 years ago. There will be train layouts that the kids can operate the controls. Live Steam engines and machines, huffing and puffing showing life before our modern lifestyle .



Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.   ~  1 Timothy 4:12


Dates to Remember

Nov 1……………………….Friendship Star Quilters 1 – 4 pm

Nov 3……………………….Prayer Service 7 pm

Nov 6.………………………Communion Sunday

Nov 10..……………………UMW & UMM monthly meeting 7 pm

Nov 12…………………….Seaman Center Christmas at Sea ministry 10 am

Nov 12…………………….Bonfire at Steve Cline’s house 6 pm

Nov 20…………………….Ingathering Meal after service

Nov 24…………………….Happy Thanksgiving!!

Nov 27…………………….First Day of Advent



Traditional worship service every Sunday @ 10 am

Youth & Adult Sunday School every Sunday morning at 9 am

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