Way’s to Serve


Board of Trustees – Effective Trustees are Christian stewards of the property God has entrusted to the congregation. They supervise and maintain the property of the congregation to ensure that disciple-making ministries of the congregation are effective and that local legal requirements related to the property are satisfied.  – Show Interest

Finance Committee – An effective member of the finance committee should be good stewards of what God has given them, should have a personal experience of stewardship and giving to the church and understands the importance of tithing. They will understand and believe in the mission of the church and help find ways to fund that mission. – Show Interest

SPRC – Committee members should be diverse in age, experience, and interests in order to bring all ministry opportunities of the congregation to the attention of the staff. These individuals must listen well to both staff and people of all ages in the congregation while keeping a focus on the mission of the church. These leaders must be able to maintain confidentiality. – Show Interest

Serving During Worship:

Prayer Partner – The prayer partner arrives 15 minutes before the worship service to pray over the pastor and liturgist.  They then remain in the prayer room to pray for the Holy Spirit to move through the worship service.  – Show Interest

Acolyte – Acolytes are students in Grades 3 through finishing 8.  Acolytes signify the beginning and end of worship by lighting and extinguishing the candles on the altar. – Show Interest

Liturgist – The liturgist helps lead the people in worship, prays during the service, and reads the scripture for the day. You can begin serving as liturgists when they enter 9th grade. – Show Interest

Usher – Our ushers help direct people to where they need to go, helps keep an eye out for visitors to make them feel welcome, and helps collect the offering during the service. – Show Interest

Children’s Message – Children are important to the life of St. Georges and the person giving the children’s message helps open the scripture up to the children in a relatable way. – Show Interest

Nursery – Our nursery is for children up through kindergarten and is staffed by two adults and a youth.  In order to keep our children safe, you will receive an application and a background check authorization form after you show interest in serving. – Show Interest

Audio Equipment – This is the person who runs the audio equipment during the service including the microphones, the service recording, any special music and adjusting volumes.  – Show Interest

Video Equipment – Our downstairs worship area is very important to us.  Many who cannot come upstairs worship there.  By serving with the video equipment you will control the video camera and other Video equipment. – Show Interest