Pastor’s Greeting                                                                                               April 2017

My grass is growing…literally. The grass in my yard as woken up from its winter slumber in certain spots and is growing like a wildfire.  It’s a subtle reminder that soon I’ll have to break out the old trusty John Deere push mower that I inherited from my father, and spend my Saturday going back and forth for a few hours.  But it’s odd, right now the grass is only growing in certain spots.  Other spots are still brown and rather weathered looking.  Have you ever noticed that grass, even during the summer, grows kind of randomly?  Certain places may get more rain, or sun, or just the right mixture of both, but it never grows uniformly. And it’s never the same spots that grow first, it seems completely random. Some years I get cheeky and try to help along the brown spots, but it never really takes.  My wife as the green thumb, mine never really came in, so most of the time I end up doing more harm to plants than good.

Easter this year falls in April, which, if I had my druthers, is the perfect month for it.  Easter is placed during spring as a reminder that the death of winter is always greeted by the warmth and growth of spring. It’s as if the earth itself is singing the praises of Jesus’ resurrection from death into the new life.  Jesus’ resurrection is the foundation of our faith.  It’s the bold and brash statement that even death does not stop God from moving.

Just like my grass, it seems that every Easter I find myself in a different place.  Some Easters I welcome with open arms, and embrace the wonder of the resurrection.  At other times, I find myself more at peace sitting with the disciples at the foot of the cross, in awe of the selfless act of Christ.  And others I am deeply moved by the last supper, it’s deep symbolic message in Judaism that moves us into the new covenant in Christ.  And still other times, simply want it all to pass, to get through the scheduling madness that Holy Week can bring, and get back to something routine again.

Wherever you find yourself this year, I pray that you find somewhere to plug in at St. Georges.  In offering a Maundy Thursday Seder meal, a Good Friday morning service, and an Easter Sunrise service we hope to give everyone a place to connect to God, right where they find themselves.  Easter is a wonderful season of renewal, resurgence, and remembrance.  It is our sincere hope that we can help you in that journey this, and every Easter season.

In Him Who calls us all,

Dave Ingalls



Donna Goes Walkabout…

I believe the saying goes, “if you want to make God laugh, make plans”. Isn’t it interesting that when things don’t work out the way we want them to, we grumble to anyone who will listen. But when things go smoothly with our plans, a “Thank you Lord” would be the appropriate reaction. Sometimes we remember. Sometimes we don’t. Some of you know that I had knee surgery in the beginning of March. I had it all planned out so I would have it done AFTER some planned events at work and before the weather got pleasant because I knew I did not want to be recovering in the house when I really wanted to be outside doing things. My knee is coming along, though not as quickly as I would like, and the weather has still been pretty ‘nippy’ out so far so I’d like to say “Thank you Lord”. Apparently, my plans were kinda right in line with His. J

The weather will soon be getting so much nicer and I am really looking forward to it. The prospect of planting flowers, watching the trees open their leaves and mowing a little grass makes me happy. I appreciate the instant gratification of looking at what you’ve accomplished after an hour or so in the yard. One of my favorite times of the day is a Saturday late afternoon when I can sit in my yard swing and enjoy the fruits of my Saturday labor….a freshly mown lawn and any other project I’ve gotten into that day. I hope that you are able to take time to do the things you enjoy and then have the time to enjoy the end result. I think God likes a hard worker but He wants us to take time to enjoy life and all that he has given us.

This month will be a busy time at St. Georges UMC as we end the Lenten Season with the services of Holy Week. There will be the celebration of Palm Sunday, the Maundy Thursday Seder meal, the sadness of Good Friday, the exaltation of Easter Sunday and the fellowship of the Easter Sunday Sunrise Breakfast. I hope you’ll join us at some time during the week. And don’t forget about the fun Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday the 15th from 1 to 3pm. Look for more details later in this newsletter.

It’s also time for our fifth Sunday Café style worship downstairs in Fellowship Hall on Sunday April 30th. I think that’s all for this month. I’ll see you on Sunday morning!                                                                                                   Donna

Garage Sale

The Methodist Women will be having a garage sale on Saturday, April 22 from 8 am to 1 pm at the church.  This is a rain or shine event and is a fund raiser for  “A Door of Hope” , a Christian based pregnancy center located in Wilmington, Newark and Middletown.  All proceeds from the sale will be donated to them.

Donations for the garage sale are needed. Think of us as you do your spring cleaning or are downsizing.  If you have any household items, collectibles, antiques or other items that you no longer use, please consider donating them for the sale (please not clothing). Items can be dropped off at the church by Thursday, April 20.  If you need us to pick up your items give Kris a call at 302-834-9444. Thank you!


Women of Hope Banquet

Again this year the Methodist Women will be having their “Women of Hope” banquet on Thursday, May 11 at 6 pm at the church.  This year we will have a “Boutique Silent Auction” of just a few special items.  In the past our silent auction has become so large that it takes too long to distribute the items at the end of the evening.  Therefore, we will have the garage sale on April 22 for many of the items that are donated, and the nicer items and even some handmade items will be auctioned off the evening of the banquet. We will also have a chance to hear from the director of “A Door of Hope” which is our recipient of the garage sale and Boutique silent auction.  “A Door of Hope” is a Christian based pregnancy center located in Wilmington, Newark and Middletown.  Come out and learn about this worthwhile cause and help support them through this banquet and garage sale. Cost of the Banquet dinner tickets will be $15.  A portion of each ticket will also go toward the work at the “A Door of Hope”.  Please see Kris Foltz or Anita Mokienko to purchase your ticket.  Tickets should be purchased in advance by Sunday, May 6.  No tickets will be sold at the door. The next meeting of the UMW will be on April 6th where we will be finalizing the plans for these upcoming events. Hope to see you then!


Friendship Star Quilters

The Friendship Star Quilters will meet on Tuesday, April 4 from 1-4 in the afternoon in the church fellowship hall.  Even if you don’t sew, you are welcome to come join us.  We can always use people to “tie” the quilts.  If you can tie your shoe, you can tie a quilt!  We will even teach someone to become a quilter if they are interested.  All our quilts are donated to “Quilts for Comfort” who deliver them to the Helen Graham Center and other area hospitals.


Administrative Team April Newsletter Message

The Administrative Team met on Monday, March 27 to discuss upcoming ministry plans and the work of the supporting teams: Trustees, Staff Parish Relations Team and the Finance Team. There are many exciting activities related to Easter and there are also several upcoming ministries for adults, children & youth and the community!

Pastor Dave continued to focus us on thinking about the future by posing the question,” if resources were ample, what’s one mission project you’d love to see the church become involved with?” Many ideas were shared and it was fun to think of possibilities where our church could be of service.

The team agreed to participate in a one day retreat in the fall where these ideas and other thoughts shared in our previous two Ad Team meetings will be consolidated and available for more deliberation.

Eleven people attended the recent District Leadership Training and participated in workshops including Finance, Staff Parish Relations, Small Membership Church and Evangelism. Our thanks to all for their commitment to learn and bring information back to our church!

The next meeting of the Administrative Team is Tuesday, April 25 at 7:00PM in the fellowship hall. All are welcome to come and participate in the discussion!

Sandy Tuttle, Ad Team Chair


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Volunteers Needed

Please prayerfully consider if you would like to sing in the choir, teach a class, work with the youth, join the UMW or UMM,  take your turn as liturgist, or  in any other way share your individual talent. Contact Pastor Dave if you are interested in serving in any way.


Upcoming Youth Activities

Teen Hike/April 8th.  This is a Point of Contact event for the teens and the chaperones,  taking place on the Appalachian Trail just north of Fredrick Md.  The hike will be up to Annapolis Rock and back.  All teens and almost teens are invited (if you enjoy hiking, please join them!). Contact Steve Cline for more information and to register.


Easter Egg hunt/ April15 at 1pm  We are joining with Ever Spring Church and making it a joint venture at their location (the Old Commodore MacDonough School at the base of the bridge on the north side)  They will provide the eggs for hunting and we will provide craft activities. Please contact Steve Cline to volunteer.  He says, all you crafty people are needed!


Bike Day on the Canal/May 20 Should be a great day to get outdoors and peddle the canal.  All the little guys are coming.




Happy Birthday to…


Carol McGlothlin……………..April 4           Barry Spicer……………April 4

David Moore…………………April 5            Sue Tobin……………..April 13


Happy Anniversary to…


Jim & Sue Gestwicki………..April 1


From Our Youth Ambassador

Recently I have really been absorbed into a show I watch in my Sociology class called “Hate Thy Neighbor”. The biblical allusion in the title is quite the contrary of expectations to the show’s actual contents. To briefly describe this show without giving too much away for those that may want or plan to watch it in the future, it is hosted by a racially mixed British comedian who interviews several cults and religious groups primarily including neo-nazis. The host provides some background information going into the show saying how he wanted some new material for his stand up comedy acts and thought that associating and getting the ideals of some of these eccentric people would provide nothing but laughs. Unfortunately, this show has become very controversial in terms of politics as well as the safety of having these extreme groups among the public who pose threats of danger.

This next part may be a slight spoiler to the first episode but I won’t reveal any major plot points. Later in the first show, the comedian goes with his neo-nazi interviewee to a swastika burning. For those that are unfamiliar with this event, a swastika burning is the construction of a large version of the nazi symbol and burning it in the night so that it is noticeable, this is not done out of hatred but for the avocation of nazi like beliefs. Due to the host’s mixed race, he was only allowed to watch from afar, given neo-nazis are discriminatory against Jews first and Blacks second. After this burning, a member of the Ku Klux Klan speaks with the host regarding his presence. During this conversation, the host asks the KKK member exactly why he is unwelcomed to the facility. The KKK member continuously dodges the confession of their hatred for blacks and therefore interracial relationships. The member instead claims that the comedian already knows why he is not welcomed to the area, but refuses to directly state his hatred for the man because of his skin color. I personally highly recommend this show for one reason, not to see the hatred and violence that exists in the world but to immerse yourself into a series of lifestyles and situations which you might not have been open to before. After watching this show, I find myself more open minded to those who have the exact opposite beliefs of me and I believe that is exactly how God wanted us to live life. Without an open mind, we neglect those who have been through a lot and leave them with the vulnerability to be judged.

Like a hate group such as the KKK may be murdering people, but because they believe that they are helping more people by doing so. This doesn’t make their murders just, but with an open mind we’re less susceptible to becoming full of hate like them and makes us one less judgmental person or open our minds to ways to convince them of their wrong doings while still satisfying the beliefs they posses. God uses an open mind as he allows those into heaven who have sinned. He forgives those who have done wrong. He saves those who have fallen farther than anyone. As He does these things for others, so should we, despite their wrongs and their lack of faith. Let us be the one that opens them to this world of love. Genesis 50:20 supports this as it says…. As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.

Torie Seagraves


Bible Quiz Answers

1/ John        2/ The turtledove

3/ Rachel, Jacobs favorite wife

4/ Julius    5/ Abraham



Important Easter Sunday Information

The location of the Sunrise Service has been moved so when you invite someone to join us, be sure they know the right location. The service will take place at the St Georges trailhead of the C&D Canal Mike Castle Trail. Access is right at the point that Kirkwood Rd reaches St. George’s. Follow the signs towards the canal and you will see the parking area. The parking lot is paved and there are bathrooms on site. If you’re not sure, it will only take you a couple minutes to check it out after church any Sunday before Easter. This location gives us the same great view of the sunrise but in a bit nicer spot. We hope you will make plans to join us.


Bible Quiz

1/ Which Gospel does not list the twelve disciples?

2/ What bird’s song is the sign of spring?

3/ Who died giving birth to Benjamin?

4/ What Roman soldier treated Paul kindly on his voyage to Rome?

5/ Who is the first prophet mentioned in the Bible?

Find answers on the previous page





Dates to Remember

April 3…………………Trustees meeting 7pm

April 6.……………….UMW/UMM monthly meeting 7 pm

April 8 & 29…………New Member class

April 8………………..Appalachian Trail Hike

April 13………………Seder Meal Service 7pm

April 14……………..Good Friday Service 7pm

April 15……………..Easter Egg Hunt 1 – 3p

April 16………………Sunrise Service 6am on the canal

April 16………………Free breakfast after sunrise service

April 22.…………….UMW Garage Sale 9am – 1pm

April 25……………..Ad Team meeting 7pm

April 30……………..5th Sunday Downstairs Worship 10 pm


Traditional worship service every Sunday @ 10 am

Sunday School every Sunday morning at 9 am

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