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Why Focus on Children?

We believe that the Holy Spirit is reaching out to all children to show them how much God loves them. Everything we do is done to help children learn God’s story and how they fit into it. We help children do this by creating a place where they can explore in a safe affirming environment, where they have opportunities to connect with each other and build meaningful friendships with christian leaders, and where parents are equipped to raise their children into strong people of faith(disciples).

Children, somtimes more than anyone else, are open to what God has in store for them and don’t yet have lives full of other activities that they can’t begin the work of making Jesus a part of their life. By starting young, children can be set on a path of discipleship that will carry them through life.

What is a Disciple?

A Disciple is someone who worships God regularly, Grows in their faith through small groups, serves God by serving others, and shares their faith.  We do this out of a committed relationship with Jesus Christ. When we speak about this relationship with children we refer to it as becoming Jesus’ Forever Friend.

What do we value?

We value Kids – Everyone is made in the image of God and is loved by God.  Jesus said we needed to become like children and corrected His disciples’ when they kept children away.  How can we do no less.

We Value Safety – We know that your child’s safety is your biggest concern, and we do all that we can to honor that.

We Value Growth – We want to see children grow in love with God each day.

We Value Equipping Family – We want to resource families to aid in the work of making children committed disciples.

We Value a Servants Heart – We believe that we fall in love with Jesus as we serve those in need around the world.

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